I got rejection codecanyon item with reason "Must use lowerCamelCase when declaring variables"

can anyone help me about this because i try to find articles about but I’m not see any articles about it. I also attached screenshot related to query. Please Help me about it because i facing this issue first time why I don’t have enough idea.

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Hi @Elveeinfotech,

check your screenshots and make sure they have the correct resolution as mentioned in the reviewer comments.

maybe you have used UpperCamelCase (example: ‘TwoWords’) in variables declaration. Use lowerCamelCase (example: ‘twoWords’).



If you do not use camel case that is also okay. You can use underscore between words when making variable. (example: $test_variable).

I got it @mgscoder and @phpscriptpoint and i sort out abut resolution and thanks for clarification about lowerCamelCase.

Thank You

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I was update my code yesterday with all variable in lowerCamelCase but i got again rejection, can you have any another solution to do ?

what is the comments from the reviewer this time?

i got this again at this time “not using lowerCamelCase” and before this rejection i got “- Must use lowerCamelCase when declaring variables.” this comment

They check JavaScript too. Have you made sure all of your JS files are using camelCase?

my problems is about code-canyon product means android application source code but i also check all variables is used base on lowerCamelCase dear bu i don’t know what happened about it

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Ahh, mobile, okay. Well this is certainly an interesting one! :sweat_smile:

When you resubmitted the item, did you tell the reviewer in the submission comments that you replaced all variables with lowerCamelCase?

And, make sure that when you upload your new .zip file, you also select it under “Main Files”. Some people forget to do this and end up resubmitting the same old code on accident.

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I did all this and thanks for helping and now item was live and thanks to all whom help me.


@Elveeinfotech Congratulations! :+1: