i Got rejected my script

i got rejected on my lead management software,
could anyone please check and explain my what’s the problem on that.

did you get reply with in 5 mints of upload ?

no … after 1 nd half day …


Your application is not a completed demo. Such as:

  1. Software Update page has no functionality
  2. Admin Settings page edit/settings icon onclick open a form but don’t have any functionality
  3. Admin Settings page ‘Create New’ has a form with only 3 fields. Delete user not working how reviewer will check it!
  4. viewlead page 5 Tabs has no functionality.
  5. viewlead page Update Response & Next Call update not working.

In short your application is not a full functional one. To get approve will need more premuim features and full functional.


software update page is working … and its dont show the update button bcoz its now running latest version
Admin Settings page edit for password change only and it will not work on the demo … people change the password
Delete user disabled on demo (i showd a alert that disabled in demo )
5 Tabs for changing the status - its automatically change the lead status
Update Response & Next Call both working fine … i checked just now too