I got rejected many times but don't know what's my mistake ?

I submitted my items but neither was selected for upload. How do I know what was wrong there?
Please give me a proper answer. Just because next time I’ll do it properly.

If you didn’t post a preview we cannot give you any advice.

May you provide us with a screenshot or describe problem more presicely?

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I edited and posted the picture. Kindly will see a little.

Actually i don’t understand what’s my mistake. I posted my items as per rules. But alas !

There are many issues.

  1. Architecture logo - Not clear concept, looks overdone and dated

  2. Travel Agency logo and “A” logo - This looks totally amateurish, shapes are poorly done, the font is completely wrong

  3. I don’t understand what is that one with city image.

  4. Green World is a logo or a mock-up?

Overall, it is clear that you are a very beginner and you don’t understand the basic principles and rules of graphic design. You need to learn typography, hierarchy, composition, spacing and alignments, color theory, white space theory and also improve your skills using graphic software. Without learning all of these you have no chance to get approved here.

Thank you.