I got rejected again

I think its been 15th template that i sent. All of them got rejected by the quality team. What am i doing wrong.
These are the business cards that i sent recently.

First is better although it’s odd to have the hero icon and title on both back and front

Second needs a lot of work on typography esp font choices and name she job title doesn’t align to anything

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Thank you, can i send the whole file to your email address. so that you can take a look at it and tell me the wrong parts. It would be really good actually. Thank you again :slight_smile:

Think of the problem in the font used

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its face it this is not bad but u can do much better than this with the base that u have … the first card is miles way better in my view even if the second one could have a cool potential if u follow the indications that i told u in the other thread … but for the first one, logo side is way too empty … and the typo in a general way is very flat … too flat … and i would also add that the name in bebas is not a good idea as this is notmatchiung with the rest of the typo of the card … the only combination u made is not working … this is too bad … give the typo the attention it takes and u will have a real chance to get approved i think … especially if u can push the enveloppe a bit graphic design wise …

Does it look better now? :slight_smile: