I got my one item on flickr with downloadable

Hello Friends!

On flikr I get to found an image of my item that online and from here anybody can get it easily. I don’t understand that how is it possible to share my item on flickr. Have any license to share with downloadable image on Flikr at photodone? If not What Envato do with him/her? How to inform to Envato about that?

My Image posted without watermark by Amir Hameed on Link:

I can also capture the web page view for proved, if he remove the image from his flikr. Link the screen shoot :


Hi @Emdaduljs,
You’re a little bit lucky because Yahoo takes copyright violations seriously, this means that you can send a DMCA notice against that guy by filling this form, read this article before you fill the form

Oh, wait a minute, before you get yourself in that mess, you can contact that guy and ask him politely to remove your image, if he responded positively, that would be much better for you both, otherwise there would be no choice but sending the DMCA notice.

And aah, I almost forget, please remove the link of your stolen image from your post, you don’t want more people to download your image for free, do you?

Thanks for replay and advise to remove the link of image.

I understand about that you say to contact first with him and then if need send a DMCA notice against that guy. I sell the image Exclusively on photodune. If I post the image on my Flikr or Faceboock for share, Envato take action if it sell Exclusive. So I want to inform them and want to taken the action DMCA notice against that guy by Envato.

How can I inform to Envato Team or staff?


Envato can’t send the DMCA notice because you’re the owner of the item not Envato (Envato is just a platform), while the DMCA notice must be sent by you or who is on behalf of you.

You still can notify Envato by submitting a ticker here.

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Thanks you @ OsamaSayegh for help me out from the problem.

I sent a DMCA notice on yahoo that your link provided and Now solved it out by Flickr disable the image.

Thanks again

No worries :smile: