I got Hard Rejection for "Incomplete theme"

Hello There,

I got Hard Rejection for “Incomplete theme”

Reviewer message is like below :
"1. Any incomplete theme will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with an incomplete submission and creating a review delays:


My Theme is hard reject because WordPress Blog is not listed, otherwise all the thing is OK.

I think I not need to change any design layout because problem with code. What you think?

So I will improve Blog list code and can I Resubmit that theme with same name and logo?

Yes just work on the blog page and then you can resubmit the item.

From what I see, it is also incomplete in a General phase. A complete demo would help us guide you

I doubt the reviewer fully checked the theme if they thought it wasn’t complete.

Without seeing an active link it’s impossible to say either way

Hi Charlie4282,
We have a same problem “Incomplete theme” in previous submit, after that we have researched and we changed many things beside improve demo link. We have restructured source code base on underscore framework, improve default blog list and finish check list in below link:

Still received result "project isn’t complete’ in this time :frowning: with feedback:

I did, however, take a quick peek and this looks like a project which isn’t complete yet:

We have no idea about “Incomplete theme” in this time now. Here is demo link:

Do you have any idea?