I got an issue for Codestar framework Version 1

Hello Dear forums member, I’m using codestar framework verison 1 for my theme forest project. When i enable debug mode true. i got an error issue. How can i fix that. Can you help to fix that?? I don’t want to use codestar version 2 right now. Please help me.

Whatever the content is at the line 70 / 121, there’s no information ( it’s empty string )
This is not an error, it’s a warning actually.

Hello thank you for your reply. How can i remove this notice? Envato just let us know,

  1. Please make sure that your theme doesn’t raise any PHP errors, notices or warnings. Enabling wp_debug or installing the Debug Bar plugin can help you with this. Example(s): Markup 2022-01-18 at 11.50.11.png - Droplr I solve these of issue, But got codester issue.

Kindly if you can help please let us know how to remove this notice?

You need to make sure the string is not empty. If you need paid support, I’d be happy to help you on this project.