I got a script my account is blocked

Yesterday, I bought scripts from codecanyon, downloaded the script and license files, 30-40 minutes later, my account was blocked and my license was revoked. The money was taken from my bank account. I reported the situation to envato officials and told me "Regretably, after further review, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.

Please note, your most recent order has been voided by our payment system, so no funds have been taken from your account." does not refund!

What you see in your bank account is not a charge, but an authorization. It will automatically disappear once your bank notices that the transaction never completed. Usually this will only take a few business days, but some banks can take up to a month; contact your bank for any concerns.

I downloaded the license and script files. After 30-40 minutes, my account was blocked. Money was withdrawn from my bank account. It’s been over 24 hours. money still not in my account

No, the money never left your bank account. Money does not move that quickly, this is the purpose of authorizations. It should say “pending” in your statement, and will disappear after some time. It is not normal for authorizations to disappear after only 24 hours.

Again, contact your bank for any concerns. At this point the process and speed entirely depends on your bank.

I talked to the bank, the bank says the transaction is completed and the money has reached envato. Will Envato give me documentation on this issue?