I got a hard rejection on my ecology project


I got a hard rejection on my ecology project Please See The Project and tell me about the project.
Here is Youtube Link Ecology

Thank You

I liked your project. Maybe the reason is the font :thinking:

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thanks for the respond but other authors use as same font .One more think how about presentation in this project. it is one of Point for got a rejection

Typography itself is very poor, design-wise and animation-wise.

+overall animation is very linear

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What Dreamyard said. I feel that some of the illustrations look good, some don’t… for example, the first slide I don’t like the car at all, but I like the rest. The animation isn’t terrible, but it’s a bit repetitive and not all that creative. The colours need a bit of fine tuning, some slides are ok, some there’s just not enough variation, like the hand holding the Earth. And the text is pretty bad, both the font and the padding/placement.

It feels like three different people worked on this without communicating with each other. Has potential, but is going to need a lot of work to be approved.


Sometimes the elements are very close to the edge of the frame. Sometimes the animation is bad. Pay attention to the birds fly animation, and you will understand what I say. Transition between scenes also too bad

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Thanks buddy

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after read your comment about the project i am very happy to here and share my work with community and with you and great authors like You .when i got a rejection i think i am not ready or naver upload a project but when i visit here i can see lot’s off people or new or they tell when they are try to upload template they also got a rejection but not only 1st time they got Servel Time so i am ready to make new template.