I got 6th place in a Metapop contest!

Hi there!
i just want to share a great achievement!
the 6th place (runner up with other 10 producers…) in the “Produce this #31” competition held by MetaPop: https://metapop.com/pages/promos/Native-Instruments-Meta

i presented an old track, named “alchemy of the worlds”, in which i played a lot of different acoustic instruments, collected during my travels around the world:

you can also see the video I made for the song:


An interesting idea is the combination of many musical instruments in one track.

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@bosone Great :slight_smile:

Congrats!! This video is really nice as well, that is cool to see someone play with so many various instruments.

I am listening now to the winner of the contest… not bad… but horrible “clicking” at each slice of chopped vocals… it would be probably rejected here on AJ… :wink:

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