I Got 5 Hard Rejects in a Row. Please Tell Me Why!

Hi! I got hard rejects, but I had done my best before uploading these items, working on EVERY NOTE in these compositions, listening to my heart of course. I never use loops and quantize. But I can’t understand what wrong was :(… Who can tell me the reason constructively? I need it extremely. Cause I don’t know, how to go forward on Audiojungle anymore. It happened after these 5 hard rejects of my first items. Reviewers nothing say in detail. The instructions don’t describe some important things either. It’s obvious bad way! I feel like a fisher spending months on the coast, waiting for a bite. It’s so hard to work being rejected. Moreover I have 26 years occupying in electronic music. I investigated the AJ Library. Many interesting music, but I CAN NOT copy someone. Cause I have my own experience. Although I accept, that sometimes I can be wrong, as I’m a human. Here are my rejected items on Google Disc: Oleg Goryachev - Hard Rejects 05.2020

Hello Oleg! Your music is great and sounds crystal clear. Good for listening without video. But here buyers need music that does not attract all the attention. Music and sound mix should be background and not distract from watching videos. Even if the track is full of musical events, it should still be in the background. Your tracks sound very bright! I know that it’s not so easy to readjust and write background music right now. Especially for those composers whose practice has been measured for decades. Pay more attention to listening to music in commercials, broadcasts, promotions, etc.
In any case, it will be easier for you to achieve results than composers with little experience. The quality of mixing your tracks is higher than necessary. Now you just need to write the music that video content manufacturers need and give it the sound you need. I wish you success!


Good morning! Thank you very much! Благодарю за конструктивный комментарий! It’s great thing to have conversations! Yeah! I’ll start to make background music soon. I wish you success too!

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Hello everyone). I join you, Romantic_City, I completely agree with you, there can be no complaints about the quality and information here. Audiojungle has its own format.
tracks created earlier for other purposes may not be suitable with a high probability. From myself I will add that I do not see anything wrong with quantize if it is reasonable to use it. Given that there are levels of swing in quantize, the practice of using it is wide and widespread. I also believe that using references is not copying. this helps you understand the style and range of desired emotions that are in demand in this segment.

Thanks a lot :)!!! I agree with you that there are times when automatic editing of MIDI material is necessary. I already made up my mind to change and improve something in my business. I wish you good luck in your creative work! Удачи!

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Good morning,

Wow, fantastic job! I think some of the instruments/patches might have something to do with it, especially the strings, and the DX-7 sounding synth patches - these might be making them sound a bit dated. Still, I’m not hearing anything wrong here, just a little stylistic difference.

  • Nathan

Good afternoon, Nathan! Thank you for positive comment! Of course, everything in music does not stand still. Both the sounds and the way of playing - everything is constantly changing. Most of the rompler sounds of 90’s are out of date now. The only Korg M1 Piano was returned to dance music since 2012. I think, Loreen gave the message for it in Eurovision :)! Some old soviet keyboards are fashionable for several years. I made “Unost’-70 Organ” patch for my “Independence” VST-sampler. DX-7 Piano is my favorite from childhood. Oberheim MiniGrand has unique interpretation of this sound. Sometimes I use it. Dexed VSTi is good example either. I picked EPiano for “Peaceful Foros From a Bird’s Eye View” right here. I wish you creative inspiration!