i got 3 rejections

i got 3 rejections for three projects they were for T-shirt design the feed back wasn’t clear i didn’t under stand why they got rejected so guys will be helpful if u can help me out and tell me what to do to improve that designs here is 2 links for the last projects.



The resolution on the first one looks terrible. On the second one… is that Lionel Messi? If so, then you can’t create t-shirts with his image on them unless he’s given you the rights to do so.

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they didn’t say that the first one (tree design) preview image is low resolution. and the Messi design is a digital painting no photo used. the answer i got from Envato is that projects are above their quality

Just to be clear - the reviewer said that these are “above” the quality for here?

For reference @SpaceStockFootage is right about suing images of Messi or other celebrities - irrelevant of if it’s an image or a digital painting, images of celebrities are not allowed.

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First design s-shirt is too basic for so rejected :slight_smile:
Second design I think that lack add text logo below of design for example “A Man”, etc as you want add text and also tagline like a logo, regards.

p.d: you can follow for example shirt other design but don’t copy.

this is the last msg i got

(Envato Market Help)
Mar 29, 09:46 AEDT

I understand you are looking for feedback on how to improve your projects. While we cannot provide these, we suggest that you check on the Community Forum to gain suggestion from the authors of Envato Market as they have already been through this stage.

In every challenges you learn lessons and gain more experience which can help you be better. You can try to submit new projects for review and you might be surprised that soon you can be one of our Top Authors as well.

Thank you for understanding.

All the best,

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It’s hard rejected

so what is wrong with the design

Already I post your top forum please your check.

The first one is heavily pixelated esp the animal. As it’s hard rejected the reviewer doesn’t give feedback but this is definitely an issue.

The t shirt itself doesn’t look esp authentic esp the bottom edges

The concept is a bit weird - what would a Moses be doing on a tree branch? This pairing makes very little sense in terms of scale and layout.

The second is never going to be consodeeed as using celeb images is a major copyright issue.


the first design is totally vector so its not low rez. and about the moses what he is doing on the tree. are you kidding me its a fancy design from imagination. the second one of Messi t-shirt design is a digital painting no images used

I can only go with what I see and there’s no obligation to listen to it - I am not a reviewer.

  • Given that I am not the only person to comment on the pixelation (irrelevant of if it’s high or low res) esp on the Moose, maybe that is a problem

  • the t-shirt esp. the bottom edges look unnatural and clip art like plus it doesn’t look like you have credited the image correctly and I am not even sure that using that particular mockup in a “for sale” product is allowed even if commercial use is ok.

  • the t-shirt/hanger is just placed on top of a brick wall background with no blending or cohesion

That doesn’t matter. Messi owns the rights to his likeness, and although I’m sure he’d probably be fine with you creating a painting of him for personal use to show off on the interwebs, if you’re making money from his face, then he’s probably not going to be as happy. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a digital painting, a sketch, a photograph or a sculpture.

I mean, if I create my own brand of mobile phones, and use an Apple logo as my new logo… it doesn’t mean I get a free pass because I’ve painted the Apple logo by hand, and not copied directly or from photographs… it’s still an Apple logo, no matter how I’ve created it. Lets say somebody creates a digital painting of you, and adds it to a t-shirt… it then becomes the top selling t-shirt of all time, and it’s making the creator billions of dollars a year. Would you chuckle to yourself, and be really happy for the guy, going about your daily life without a care in the world… or would you say “hold up, that’s my image on these shirts… I should be getting a cut of these billions” and get a bit of legal action on the go?

Not to mention that you’ve probably created the design by copying a pre-existing photo that somebody else has taken, and earns a certain extent of the rights to… I’m assuming Messi didn’t pose for the digital painting for you?

thank you i got what you mean now about the rights for messi. what about the other design the Moses on the tree