I got $ 11 instead of 14+

Hello! My active week on the AJ forum continues. :joy:
I just sold the package to India for $ 28. Instead of the usual 14 + I got $ 11. My account is exclusive. Payouts on 52%. Never before this was not. I noticed that it did not happen only to me. :thinking:

Hello! There is a calculator that shows your revenue from the track or pack. (Update Description & Price/ Set Your Price (US$) / How much of this will I earn?(blue) / You’ll earn $).


Yep that’s because now with ADP Audiojungle take 12$ fix buyer fee, so you have to price it 35$ and not 28$ to get the same amount than before…


Thank you very much for your explanation! I was on vacation. Apparently missed the information. :blush:

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