I give up - Rejected AGAIN

Hi folks,
I followed advice after my last template was rejected and now this one has been hard rejected as well. I am not submitting any more but would love your opinion on where I am going wrong this time?

Demo here: Architect | Index

It’s a one-page design with 3 different index designs.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

As mentioned, will not be submitting again. It’s heart-wrenching when you put lots of work into something for it to be sitting there for 11 days and then rejected and no reason why.


With respect this is quite basic and lacks premium standard design, features etc

There are also issues with spacing, styling, and particularly typography

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Thank you for your reply

I am sorry but you are simply not ready to submit anything on ThemeForest yet. Work harder on your skills and try again in a few months when you will see yourself that you’ve made big improvements over your current skills. No point trying it anytime sooner as it takes time to get significantly better.

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Thanks for your reply