I give up! Advise on a simple WP theme with blog

Hello all,

I give up! I don’t design websites for a living (only hobby) and usually can help others with their tech needs… but my current project means a lot, and can’t seem to think straight.

Maybe it’s pre-release jitters… but I’m having problems finding a great, unique Wordpress theme. It’s like I"m seeing the same, “multi-purpose” design on all templates. Perhaps you can all help me choose, based on what I need?

  1. The website will be simple and the logo will have red, white, and blue overtones. It is slightly female-oriented, but it’s also for men.

  2. Besides a forum (which will not be visible to the general public because it’s members-only), the page will feature a basic home page, an about us page, and a blog section, in which several users will post frequently (like a journal).

  3. The website should look elegant on mobile. I like how The Atlantic Magazine and Dove (yes, that Dove) look on mobile.

  4. Bonus - if a WP theme has a community system in which users can store and edit files in a collaborative manner, even better. The files will be for the forum members. But some colleagues have suggested I’m better off with a Google Drive plug-in instead.

Themes I like (all from Theme Forest):

  1. Ginger WP multi-purpose theme
  2. Uncode creative multiuse WP theme
  3. Salient responsive WP theme - actually winning out just on the slide-out menu.

Any thoughts? So as not to break forum rules, I’m not linking to myself, nor to my project. Just looking for some inspiration.