I found out how to get email and/or browser notification for every sale.

Hello there!
If you’re like me, and you constantly refresh your page to check your sales, I found out about this Opera extension called Distill web monitor, that does exactly that.
Basically, it works with any internet page, and it sends you any type of notification if a selected item on a webpage changes its value, automatically refreshing the page according to the time interval you select (that can go down to 5 seconds). You just select the number of your sales and there you go, a beautiful email telling you in realtime you’ve just gotten richer.
here’s a link to the extension’s webpage.
Hope you find this useful.

P.s. there’s also a google chrome version: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/distill-web-monitor/inlikjemeeknofckkjolnjbpehgadgge?hl=it


The F5 keys of this world are expressing their gratitude.

They’re welcome

Very useful!!
Is there something for firefox??