I forget to add "document" with my PSD, Should I send again or wait rejection?


I made a psd design and uploaded it yesterday, but I found that I forget to add “document” with my PSD,
Actually I made one, but not that format envato suggest.

Should I make a document and send again or wait rejection?

I dont know if “multipe uploads” are not ok maybe.

Is that “document” like a help file to show the customers how to customize the theme? or something else?

Its not showing them how to edit the psd file. It just includes information like “theme description, credits (fonts, images, icons), features etc.”

You can cancel and upload again or wait for a rejection and assuming it is a soft rejection you can submit again.

Thank you, I wasnt know that I can cancel it. Now I remember that I saw a link like “delete”. Thank you.

It’s totally up to you to choose between keeping the current submission or re-submitting it, in both situations, the waiting time will be the same for you.

Thank you :slight_smile: