I feel stubborn in the site's management

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I think that your logo is too basic design. Easy this vector and also typography. but I am not expert in logo.

You can wait other author will to help you.

Thank You.


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Thanks, i think the communnty is not effective

hi i have already commented this item from u did u open two threads?

hi bro thanks for your support

but i have a question
-is there is any problem if i used the same tags for other seller to use it on my item?

i do not believe that tag belongs to anyone, though beware not to copy blatantly another author’s item , this is infuriating and this may get u into trouble, if u know what i mean …

i just deleted my last approved item now :frowning: because i was copies the same tags

tags have never been the problem, this part i am not even sure that other authors would notice that u do and i guess most of them would not really care ,the problem is the item itself …

okay i want to show you the design i’ve removed but inbox

pls see the PM message