I downloaded a wrong file



Hi. First of all, sorry for my English.
I downloaded the “charity” HTML theme intead the wordpress version that i needed by an error.
Can i have a refund to download the wp version, or just pay the difference?



If you send a refund request to support, hopefully they can help…



Edit: @SpaceStockFootage types faster than me! :wink:


I type slower than a dying snail! Probably just clocked the post slightly faster :smile:


I have same problem with medicare wordpress theme. There are 4 to 5 theme with named medicare and by mistake i bought a wrong one. As i don’t know it is a wrong theme so i downloaded files once and after that i was awake that this one is not my desired theme. Can i get my desired theme without purchasing again as i don’t want purchase theme. Please help me out for this.
I already sent a help request.
Thank you in advance.