I downloaded a videohive preview but now can't find the video with the reference number. the preview is still online btw

I downloaded 711080 a week or two ago at this url https://s3.envato.com/h264-video-previews/a89b1691-376e-4c8b-8c3a-ff510e6ff9fe/711080.mp4 but I can’t find the video to purchase. This has happened at least 2 other times to me. Am I taking crazy pills?


May be that item removed by author or that item down by copyright or dmca.
if you download that item then you can getting touch with that item author

how to contact with author

or can open a Envato help ticket.

hope you will received an official answer.


It is impossible to search the item with item id or preview id, you should know at least the title of that project, Next time when you wanted to save items for later, either bookmark that page in your browser, or make collection in your videohive page,
Anyway i found the project you are looking for after 15 mins of different search methods

@unlockdesign if item removed from videohive website, previews also will be removed from videohive website, please do not drive all the queries to Envato support, Thanks

With an item ID it is very easy to find the item, for some unknown reasons though the preview ID do not match the item ID’s. Envato should really fix this.

On Audiojungle the previews are named in a way that lets you easily find the item.