i don't understand why my music was rejected! classical music

i don’t understand why my music was rejected. They doesn’t give me an explanation. I need your help please to understand where is my mistake. Thank you so much!


Hi, It’s hard to point mistakes that the envato reviewers encountered during the review, but in my opinion, there is so many random transitions between melodies which makes the track a bit chaotic and additionally sometimes I had a feeling that the melody just speeds up a bit because of these. I hope it helps somehow, my tracks are rejected very rarely and I’m a succesful author here on audiojungle.

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Would definitely agree with @MarcinKlosowski
I just can’t catch any melody or rhythm to make my attention busy. Probably there is indeed something behind all of this sweeps and swells. Maybe there is just mix problem alone.

Thanks everyone for answered, I’ll try to adjust this.