I don't understand { please update the “AudioJungle Items Used in Preview” attribute. }

Please I don’t understand the following … How to update … Please ?

{{ Envato recently implemented a new attribute requiring Videohive authors to define the source of audio used in the preview video. Before we can approve this item for sale, please update the “AudioJungle Items Used in Preview” attribute. Remember to click “SAVE CHANGES” before resubmitting, or the information won’t save. }}

I can’t see this attribute in my uploading section ???

My Item is soft rejected with the same message and I can’t find this attribute in my uploading section too!

I will make a help ticket to see how to resolve this

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Hi, you should put the direct link to the audiojungle track used in the video under the description part

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If just like that is so simple

I provided the link of the track in the description field but the reviewer soft rejected my item again with this message in the email.

“Nothing was entered for the audio attributes. Please remember to click “SAVE CHANGES” before resubmitting.”

I am confused now because there is no audio attribute there for me to update in upload section.

the same thing happened to me!
could the solution be here ?

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Woohoo!! It was long overdue, but still, this is fantastic news for Audiojungle authors.

Hope you guys sort it out quickly.

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yeah i got same reply… what is that? I cant find such a field in uploading page…

Looks like DEVs accidentally rolled out unfinished feature that is only visible to Reviewers and review system prevents resubmissions from being approved if this attribute is not filled. Thank you everyone who sent their screenshots and pointed me to this post. For now just ignore it and let’s wait for future announcements.

I resubmitted my files again without any changes because I can’t see that attribute in my uploading page, Hope I do not get the same soft rejection.

This is a long needed feature, I hope it works soon enough. I’m happy for all audiojungle authors I’m collaborating with whose works are hopefully gonna be found a lot easier now. I will update my items with this info as soon as this goes live.


Just write the link of the Audio and everything go right

Hey everyone. As Filips mentioned above, it looks like these AudioJungle attribution fields were mistakenly rolled out to only the review team, and are currently not visible to authors.

This is resulting in us not being able to approve items because the system is asking for those fields to be filled, while the author cannot see them.

We’re working on it and should hopefully have it resolved shortly. I’ll update as soon as I have a resolution!

Thanks for your patience.

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The feature is in the process of being temporarily rolled-back, but should be ready for implementation in the very near future. It’ll certainly be a helpful attribute to have once it’s ready for launch, so keep an eye out for it.

In the meantime, if your item was previously soft-rejected for this reason, please resubmit the item with all most recent files. We’ve devised a workaround that will allow us to approve your item.

As instructed in the past, if your item uses any AudioJungle items, please make sure you provide a live link to it in the item description.


That’t Great, We will keep an eye on it …