i dont understand,...need help pls

hi guys,

i became a mail cause of one new uploaded song. But what is it now? hard reject? soft reject? i chose at “looped audio” NO

This track (or its looping
versions) doesn’t currently loop seamlessly. Please make sure looping
items will play back without gaps or jumps/skipping between repetitions.

An easy way to check this is to use your audio editor’s 'Repeat’
function, and listen back to the loop to make sure that there are no
clicks, pops, or silence.

After making the required fixes or improvements, please edit your submission at http://***** and submit for re-review.

This is a soft reject and a detailed guide on how to improve your loop.

Maybe your loop contains a delay, reverb and long sustain that ends abruptly at the beginning of the repeat of the loop.

You should export the track with three loops in a row and then cut out from it the loop you need (the second one).
It will contain all necessary reverbarations and a smooth transition at repetiting. (sorry for my english)

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My english is not better :slightly_smiling: i fixed the loops in the zip file and submit again, same result. Than i fixed them again and now im waiting for the result. Thanks for your answer

I edited my 2nd post a little (my girlfriend helped with the translation). Now it contains more accurate info on what to do (in English)