I don't know why rejected. Can you help?

Hi everyone,

I’m really confused. The song I composed is rejected 3 times. I didn’t find enough their explanation.

I’m asking you… Why would it be rejected?



Any idea or suggestion? :thinking:

How can it be 3 times? Once rejected I was under the impression that we can’t submit again… Have others submitted a rejected song for it to be accepted on the 2nd time? I suppose a different ‘reviewer’ may have different views.
All the best. Lovely track.

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Thanks man!

I submitted it 3 times and It’s rejected everytime. I chose right category and style and I wrote right tags.

It’s really hard to understand what they wants… I don’t know which reviewer or reviewers rejected. There is no information about it.

Only information is;
"This submission still does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

To understand commercial stock composition, arrangement and production better, please read the following article http://enva.to/6D-sd
Please note that resubmitting without improvements violates our review process and may lead to authorship suspension if we feel the system is being abused. Thanks for your understanding."

At least they should give an information which is not automatically one.

Hi @JingleJingleMusic :slight_smile: Well, this one boggles my mind. Because I think it’s top notch. Really awesome music! :slight_smile: Good work! You have no reason to feel bad in any way.

With that said I can only see one reason for it beeing rejected. Too dramatic/dark. It’s just a guess on my side but I think you have managed to pull off a track with too much deep/dark feelings evoked.

Other than that I have no clue! :open_mouth:

Again! GREAT music! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Hi @zyncope

First of all, thanks for your good energy and comments. :blush:

It’s name on category; cinematic dark suspense. This song fits to it. I could think maybe I’m wrong If I have selected another category. :pray:

I really don’t know how they are choosing tracks. We can’t be creative If we compose songs with rules which is given like a command. :head_bandage:

IMO, sounds fine. If I had to guess, they probably think the intro is too long.

I agree, very little room for creativity.

You are absolutely right, very very little room for creativity. Nonetheless, the buyers dictate these “rules” as in every other commercial environment. So my main reason for beeing here is strictly business in fact. I let my more artistic work go to other forums and uses. :slight_smile:

Not to say that I don’t enjoy the production of my stock-tracks. :slight_smile: I really do. But sometimes it’s a chore like every other job.

Thank you Adam.

I will edit some parts of the track and upload again. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Sadly, very little room…

It sounds great. Perhaps the 2 bar drum loop gets a bit repetitive. I’d say it’s the only thing bugging me. I have no clue what the reviewers are thinking tho.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I changed some of drums and some parts of track. I will reupload it.

We will see what will happen


Hi that’s nice to me :slight_smile:
in my modest opinion, if that can help you…for commercial use you should “get to the point” sooner than you actually did, i mean short intro, and go to the big section in 30sec.
And maybe yes, you could vary the drums and maybe also create a couple dynamic changes like a breakdown or a part with way less instruments playing, so there could be a lift after.
keep it up :slight_smile:

Cool track. I would agree with an above comment that it might have to do with the length of the intro. If it was chopped way down and got to where the full orchestra comes in, I’m sure they’d approve this track right away. Well done! I hope it goes through for you!

Thanks for suggestion and tips :slight_smile:

I made some changes on track and uploaded again.

I will let you know :v:

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Mostly your samples. The big Brass in start lacks reverb. It doesn’t have a cool atmosphere in intro. Seems like you used sustain patches to make spiccato patterns. Some drums are like drowned in reverb and they are like in very different room. You also have some false notes. Mostly though sample selection, lack of reverb, and some false notes.
You should use an FX channel with reverb and send there all the instruments etc. Keep practicing you have potentials!

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The topic… make your own thread so people don’t get confused

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It sounds top notch in every way. Waiting to let us know how it worked out with the shorter intro!
If it gets rejected again, get rid of the dissonant brass notes, those might bug the reviewers’ ears. It should fit into the “suspense” category, but who knows…

I don’t think the intro is too long. I have songs in the same genre with long intros. Feels like quite a straight forward track.

I’d say it has nothing to do with the intro. Rather the way the high brass is played in the last part. It doesn’t sound too pleasing. Plus a smudge of variation toward the end wouldn’t hurt. IMHO of course.

Thanks to everyone for help and interest,

Sorry, I just saw replies. Finally, my song was accepted. :slight_smile:

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