I Dont Know Why My Theme Rejected?

I’m Made Every Thing Required As I Read In Help Center And Still Get Rejected And I Don’t Know Why Please Help Me To Improve My Work.

This Is My Theme Url : http://red-umbrella.bitballoon.com
And This is My Documentation : http://doc-red-umbrella.bitballoon.com/

You have some spelling mistakes in the section heading like “Testimonial” and “Get in Touch”. Also you need to improve the website’s font. If your item is soft rejected, tell details what are the reasons you got from envato theme. Then it will be possible to help exactly. Thank you!

  • fundamentals all need work esp. typography, spacing, hierarchy

  • room for improvement in mobile view

  • the concept is very simple and quite overdone here - you probably need to find something a bit more stand out

  • try to avoid cramming tons of info into small space. Let sections breath more (this will also allow you to become more creative with different elements and features).

it isn’t at the quality standard required And I won’t be able to re-submit this item again And I Don’t Know Why

Thanks So Much I Will Work On Those Things To Improve It :heart: