i don't know why my design get rejected ? can you explain me please

Take out the stock photography (presumably the fighters and the background?) and there’s not a huge amount there esp in such a competitive category.

The Pro MMA headline at the top could be improved

so my mistake here that i put more background pictures + the headline text need a bit more improvement
right ?

The headline is too similar to the date at the bottom which diluted it’s importance.

Given how competitive this category is then you need to decide what this is for - if it’s a flyer then you have limited dimension options but if this is for social media for example then you should be considering all sorts of other shapes and sizes eg post/story/video cover/portrait etc - this all adds premium value and makes it stand out against the competition and more useful to buyers

Similarly - consider how the design could be used of it was not for MMA I.e. if a buyer changes the background to a different sport or event then does it still work/offer opportunities

It can be because it’s a copy of my flyer in Graphicriver store :grinning: :grinning:


bad copy if so … this maybe the second reason lol

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you have a valid point, but it’s not 100% copy so of course I’m missing something here or there… thanks for sharing

maybe lol