I don't know anymore. What to do?

Three in a row rejected. This one also. Thougt it was fine. What tot do?
In the previes is a one minute version attached btw.

Clearly you’ve got some abilities with the piano, but this is an underdeveloped arrangement. The drums and the piano don’t fit that well together, the drums are very repetitive and it could really use a baseline at the very least. Also I would argue it’s a bit meandering, going from one piano progression to the next, I would suggest starting with a catchy phrase that is repeated here and there, this sounds like it’s all improvised. Generally you would want to put in some guitar or strings or something to give the composition more depth as well.

OK that concludes my ramblings, I hope it helps. :smiley:

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@ToivoMedia got it right.
You’ve got some nice piano progressions there, and not a bad drum beat - the problem is the way they are put together.
Try imagining things from a video editor point of view, these inconsistencies in your track’s arrangement make it hard to use as background in almost any style video projects.
Good luck.

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  1. Piano and drums don’t work together
  2. Sound is raw, like demo, not like final mix.
  3. End of track

Try to create arrangement that will be better for this melodies and try to create better, more professional mix sound and I hope it will be ok. Good luck.

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Thanks for your answers @ToivoMedia @MGAnalog @LuckyBlackCat. I clearly missed my point with this one and the other rejected (in which were strings and xylo). The sound of this one is on purpose raw (drums) and piano coming from the back with reverb. Obviously it doesn’t work, regarding your comments and the reject. I should stick to the main stream…
Just to get it “off my back”: at the base are piano chords, first part in a slow pace, second part in double speed. The melody still fits though. I thought it was really cool, but too bad. In the second part the drums are more raw and in a marching way, because there are only the piano chords. The drums are layered btw. In the third part the melody returns and the rhytm of the first part. I didn’t want to overcompress.
I will see if the track can be rescued by changing/adding some things (after i recover :slight_smile:).


I bet if it was just a piano without drums uploaded to ambient genre it would get approved :slight_smile:

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Maybe I try that. Thanks for the suggestion!

I agree with all comments, however would add a couple of things:

  • Piano is very good, but the track sounds a kinda empty. I would try to add some very airy background (pad or something) - in some parts - to make it breathing.
  • I would try to add fretless bass - maybe repeating piano bass party…
  • Play with drums to align it with piano, I think very simple bit without complex syncopation will definitely work here as all complexity is made by piano.

This is just my point of view, but why not to try? :innocent:

Good Luck!

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Oke. thanks for the comments!