I don't have the right .list file

Hi, I purchased the ‘Videohive handy seamless transition pack’ and whenever I try to install the packs using ‘motionbro’ a pop up window comes up: ‘select correct .list file’
I selected the only .list file in the folder: Handy Seamless Transitions.list

I have a mid 2015 15inch 2.2 ghz intel core i7 macbook pro running the latest version of Adobe After Effects CC.

sidenote: I did the manual install and that kinda works, it applies the effects but they are not good at all, weird things happen, frames don’t match, it looks really bad…

Help me please, I paid a lot of money for this lol

Hello :slight_smile:

Have you tried reaching out to the author of that item? It looks like they’re very active with support. You can email them from their profile here: https://videohive.net/user/videolancer#contact

They also have a tutorial on how to install packs, if it will help you:


Hi! Thank you so much!

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