I don't have Paypal, how do you pay?

Nope. Your IP will be stored while opening the account and if it’s different country, when he accesses the account, it will be banned. ( new accounts protection )

Just wait for the support.

I see… Thank you very much. You patiently answered my questions. I’ll just have to wait.

What if they travel to other country? and login? We all do travel in the world

They need to find a solution to this situation. The year is 2024. People like us suffer and lose their jobs.

As far as I know, if it’s not new account, it’s okay.
Check the “blacklisted” countries before traveling, your account may still get banned

This is an issue based on the “experience” Here’s the list of “charge-backs” I received this week:)

25 Apr 2024 189822553 Sale Reversal CNIP557270
26 Apr 2024 189940170 Sale Reversal CNIP557406
26 Apr 2024 189939994 Sale Reversal CNIP557407
27 Apr 2024 189972025 Sale Reversal CNIP557596
30 Apr 2024 190083770 Sale Reversal CNIP558164
01 May 2024 190101297 Sale Reversal CNIP558199

Same person, same country, all of new accounts

Let Envato ban accounts that generate chargebacks!

Let them detect which site they used the theme on and disable the theme.

Can’t they perform these steps?

I am an Envato Elements user. I used it for 2 years. Unfortunately, it bothers me to encounter such a problem :confused:

A solution must be found for this situation.

They already do this

That would be illegal and not possible

The biggest issue is (and of course these situations are completely wrong) that envato has zero input or jurisdiction over chargebacks/sales reversals. That is entirely between the buyer and their bank.

hello, What if i inform envato before traveling?

It’s PayPal as they require quite lots of things and check with the bank, too, I believe.

Contact Envato support for “travelling” issues but as long as you don’t purchase an item while you’re out the country with credit card, you can access Envato

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So here’s what I understand.

We will never be able to buy anything from the Envato market.

Is it true? It seems so ridiculous to me.

And I am an Envato Elements user.

Can we pay with Google pay? I don’t see that option.

The article you have shared is really helpful. Thank you.

PayPal doesn’t work in Turkiye due to legal issues, they stopped providing the services in the country due to they couldn’t renew their licence at ~2015 ( not exactly sure about the year ) so they left.