I Don't Get Sales From Germany Anymore.

Germany was my #2 country in sales for more than 4 years, this month the sales from Germany disappeared, I didn’t get a single sale from Germany. I don’t know if there is any problem with Themeforest in Germany, or my demo sites don’t show correct for them. Can anyone from Germany please help me investigate this.

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hi, i am in GR and as for me sales in germany kind of look normal indeed, there ay be some specific reasons of context i guess … i assume that what u have to consider is rather the volume of your sales rather than where they come from … normally for anyone usa is number 1

Hello @A-Works

I can see from earnings tab, Germany sales are good for me


Thanks :slight_smile:

Oops just figure it out that I got the same situation in the last 2 months. They used to be in my top 10.
So do German built their own CMS and don’t use WordPress anymore?

No - they are trying to put themselfs together after october fest LOL :slight_smile: you know… sober in progress.

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Hi all,

Same situation here, is it due to October festivals or any other reason?

Thanks in advance

It’s weird that German sales are extremely down for me too and instead I see Poland sales are going up

German sales are at an all time high here and I very much doubt being guilty of stealing all your sales :sweat_smile:

We are in different markets after all. Just keep in mind that you are in a very competitive market. This is business. I don’t like to use made phrases but heck, be comfortable being uncomfortable…

Good luck and more sales to you :muscle:t5::muscle:t5:

I know that we are in different markets but I used to have Germany as #2 in sales for 4 years, but only last month I got Zero sales, not only that sales are down, but it’s really Zero :smiley:

About other comments which say that Germany is building it’s own CMS or this is due to Festivals, I think if this is the reason sales should decrease but at least I get 1 or 2 sales not Zero. But since there are other people who have the same problem we can investigate it together, For me I am using AWS to host my sites and S3 + Cloudfront to serve assets, and I doubt that maybe there is a problem between Germany and Amazon Services. So, if there is someone who have the same problem and have his website hosted in AWS please let me know.

For me (graphicriver) Germany is on the same place as always, 4th to 6th place - and they are still there, so there is no problem with payments with envato markets. Maybe it’s something about they don’t like themeforest anymore ? :slight_smile: or there’s a bug or something o TF authors cant’s see their sales to germany - “zero” sales sounds like… and the X files music here :slight_smile:

If they don’t like Themeforest anymore they can’t do it all together at the same time :smiley:

LOL u are the hell of a joker man lol

as for me it tend to analyze that this is usa sales which are rather low proportionally at this time … despite we had been promised huger sales again from usa after moving there , i rather ask myself where is the concerned progress lol