I don’t want use this theme. Please help me and approve my refund request.

Hi, I bought the maxshop named theme by looking at the promotional and visuals. the theme is completely inaccurate and unusable. I asked to be refunded several times and wanted to buy another theme but envato and magentech did not help me. why do you cause all my troubles. I am very sad. I do not want to use this theme. please help me. I lost a lot of time. you do not cancel the product even though I have passed screenshots of the error several times. please help me. Thank you.

Error screenshots. I don’t want use this theme. Please help me and approve my refund request.



Hi turquaz16!

If your refund request was denied you can dispute it with the Envato Help Team. From your post it sounds like you already did so?

Unfortunately nobody here on the forums can help with such an issue, but you can try opening a Help ticket and sending those images as supporting evidence. You may also wish to send them to the author @magentech for reconsideration.

If the theme was advertised as responsive, listed support for the browser from which those screenshots were taken, and the issues are not due to your own configuration, then that should be within the refund policy (but only the Help team can decide with certainty).

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for your comments and so sorry for any inconvenience caused from us.
Actually we checked his site and see that he did some customization then caused the issues.
It’s not the bug in theme.

Also, he created dispute and lots of refund request for this theme while continuing using it in his site.
Due to the Refund Policy, all his reasons are not acceptable.


I’ve just posted a similar thread. I think there should be a guarantee of refund in 7 days if you’re unhappy. If you spent £60 in a shop, you’d be able to get a refund with your receipt. It seems that as it’s over the internet, this site thinks that it’s ok to have bad customer service. Not cool. I’m looking for a new theme site to use now.