I don’t know why My Project rejected

Why does the Envato reviewer give my projects a complete rejection? I can’t understand. This is the last project that was rejected.[Corporate Timeline] I see projects accepted worse than mine. Below are the links of those who were also rejected [Preview video] [Fabric Logo Reveal]

Mee too same :woman_facepalming:t2:

Why do you choose such complicated categories with already redundant templates when you have so little experience?
Start doing something simpler. Everyone starts small

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Like what ?

Instagram stories

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An easy market analysis will help you do just that.
5 days a week you can see what works are being accepted in the “novelties” section and be guided by what newcomers are doing.
Because authors with 5 paws have a much lower entry threshold.

I watched. In this category, worse than my projects are accepted

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