I do not want to return my money?

I bought a crappy theme full of bugs that still need a key to be activated and my key does not license came in with envato support who answered you Lukasz Krepski (Envato Market Help) that I get 2 days waiting not to solve anything, I’m disappointed with the envato.

I’m a consumer and I have my rights and I will until the end for them.

I bought a theme, I only had problems with it is my right to him and that my money was returned.

And one you should hire better people to meet their clients in satisfactorily.

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bad support

Have you contacted your item’s author to ask for support?

yes, the theme of support staff said that since I was not satisfied with the theme I was to ask for reimbursement for Envato, I contacted the Envato for the repayment explaining and sending images of prolemas and theme of bugs there such a Lukasz Krepski treated me very bad leaving me waiting for almost three days for a response and when he finally answered not help me at all and said it was not possible to return my money.

now I have my rights as a consumer, I bought this theme and felt aggrieved, I want my money back if I do not look for my consumer rights.

Just because you feel mistreated, it doesn’t mean you’ve got the right to anything! If the theme works as advertised and doesn’t have any problems, you can’t get your money back simply because you don’t like it. As @fvimagination said, contact the item’s author and ask for support. If the item is broken, or doesn’t do what it says and the author won’t fix it, then you may have a valid reason for a refund.

Hi azdabr,

I’m Christian, I’m one of the Help Team Leaders at Envato.

I’m really sorry to hear about the poor experience you’ve been having with your theme, and am equally disappointed to hear that the service you’ve received from us wasn’t in line with the standards you deserve as one of our loyal buyers.

The problem we have is due to the digital nature of the items we sell. You see, unlike a tangible purchase made from a retail store that can be physically returned if it’s not as expected, digital items can’t be returned once they’ve downloaded and this really limits what refund options we’re able to offer you :disappointed: . An exception to this is when we’re able to confirm an item is faulty, although in this case our Quality Team weren’t able to replicate the issues you bought to our attention.

I can see that you have an active Item Support entitlement, this means that the Author is obliged to ensure the item works as described. If you’ve tried contacting the Author and aren’t receiving any replies, please let Łukasz know in your open ticket and we’ll be happy to look into this further for you.

Happy to answer any other questions you might have.