I do not understand this hard-rejection - can someone help me?


I have uploaded some vector graphics. They were all hard-rejected. Reason:

“This file would be better suited to the [Vectors] category. Please read the category upload instructions and resubmit this file using the [Vectors] upload form.”

I thought I mistakenly put the graphics in the wrong category. So I uploaded it again. This time in the category “vectors”. But they were hard-rejected again. With the same reason. What’s wrong with that? Can someone help me?

Many Thanks

show us this vectors - without them nobody can tell a word here.

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hi we may provide u with general observation to help u , but this is better if we can work on what u submitted so that we may try to let u know what is wrong

Hello, thank you for your answers.
Here is one of the pictures. However, I see the problem not in the graphics but the upload itself.
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hi i see that u are very afraid that someone copied your illustration lol the bottom line is that u shared a thumbnail with us … well , once said, to be honest hard to understand why the illustration was hard rejected, especially with such a small file, but i personally tend to believe that maybe they were expecting some sort of seemless patter , so to speak, so that the item can be used for games, for instance. Did u check that your item is 100% tile-compatible?