I do not agree with the decision

Hello everybody!

I ask to help me a and give advice! I do not agree with deviation my track and consider the decision erroneous. My track is multifunctional and ideal for: sports, video clips, movies, background, subtitles, soundtrack, video games, rap …

I made a slicing from various videos, in order to better understand my track.

Nice track!
I think both the vinyl sound and fade out could be the reason for rejection unless you included a version without vinyl sound and fade out ?

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I can see several potential reasons why this was rejected: This sounds like a typical 90ies 00s hip-hop backing track for vocals, not so much like a modern track for visuals. It lacks dynamics and development and stays one-dimensional, there is no real excitement. You can see that in the sports videos where the music is dragging, for example in the football scene . Granted, it works well with the cliche hip-hop scenes. But, because it is a classic hip-hop backing track its usability is pretty restricted which might also be why it was rejected. In addition, the fade-out is a no-go and might already give you a rejection on its own.

Try to spice up your stuff with some modern cinematic elements, add more depth and room and create more variation so that you move away from the dated hip-hop backing track feel to a more modern cinematic track with hip-hop attitude. Good luck!

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Composition is great. But the production could be improved. Snare is a bit loud compared to kick. Piano needs humanizing. Brass towards the end sounds too weak and synthetic.
And I agree with @Hyperprod, fade out is big no-no at AJ.

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do you think that the cause in vinyl?

It could be one of several reasons. That alone would likely result in a soft rejection though, but in combination with the fadeout and what FirstNote and PurpleFogSound mentioned it could be a contributing factor.
I think you should always include a version with no environmental sound effects, but maybe this isn’t such a big deal in hip hop.

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with damping at the end agree, but others have little doubt, though, you might be right!

can More details with the piano?

many thanks! I will definitely remove the vinyl and change the ending

Piano sounds like it has constant velocity and too much quantization.

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I do not even noticed, thank you for the specified mistakes!

I think it’s a nice track. Maybe not a very unique, but nice one. Someone mentioned synthetic brass sound, but it’s a well used sound in modern hip hop. So I would not call this track “classical” hip hop. It’s kinda “in between”.

But I do agree that piano could be less “mechanic”. I would try to make it less aggressive and more natural in a way. Vinyl scratches are OK, but I had soft rejection once because of very loud vinyl noise, so I created second version without it:) But in hip-hop, I think it doesn’t matter! And probably just make it loopable, without fade out. Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your help! Have a nice day!