I do better than Elite Authors

From a business perspective of course it makes sense to give your products visibility. Authors will conform to how the search engine works no matter how awkward it is.

So yeah, the system needs to change in some way or another, giving the players instructions to behave will not work.

I don’t know guys, any junior programmer could add a very simple rule to the SE to soft reject items with repeated words and block the ones who already have them in literally less than 10 mins. Imagine naming a track “P#nd5”, I’m sure we would have the full weight of the law upon us in the blink of an eye.

If this is not happening is either because they just don’t care anymore about what happens this side of the wall, or, and excuse my paranoia, becuase a total chaos scenario on the markets might be positive to Elements. The banner refreshed 4 times a week, the $5 fever, self purchasing items allowed, the naming cheats, 1 day reviews…

Anyway, hope they’re really adressing all the SEO mess and that we see some changes anytime soon.


Can you explain what you mean by using the same template?

I noticed some authors have a DAW template with the same instruments and they use that to do a million tracks with different arrangement- melodies and so on, but using the same instruments almost 100% . I noticed they don’t even change the main instruments (like piano)… But I don’t blame them! They are doing this for money and only, and good for them! But not good for their portfolio…so good for sales not good for image

the “Hip-hop is Hip-hop” thing that I forgot to mention, is a tactic that some authors change their item names by doubling the title, and that makes the track show up in top places in search…