I do better than Elite Authors

Completely agree with the scepticism but if they are aware and are looking or addressing the issue then there is hope. Maybe it is a niaive standpoint that I have but I too have my reservations about a whole lot of things around here.

Seeing as the focus of the Q&A to which you linked is SEO as it pertains to traffic from Google to Envato, unfortunately I won’t be holding my breath waiting for any changes to the internal search, despite @BenLeong’s implication that “keyword stuffing” will be dealt with in a meaningful way.

Like a lot of things around here I too have to agree with you. It’s fun though just hoping that one day the world will be a better place…maybe a film should be made about it and it could have lots of happy things and a happy ending.

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On the bright side: the situation is now so bad that something clearly needs to be done.

On the not so bright side, Envato seems to want to put the responsibility for the duplicate keyword titles on the authors.

Whatever is happening now it is clearly not working, and you can also see that tracks are being approved with duplicate titles as we speak.

So if Envato have started the process of reaching out to authors like @BenLeong mentioned here: Item Page SEO article and Q&A with our SEO specialists.

Why are the reviewers still accepting duplicate titles? @ADG3studios


This is what I don’t understand. It’s such an easy fix and requires no work what-so-ever from Envato. Reviewer just clicks soft reject, reason, illegal title. job done. Surely such a simple thing can be achieved without too much hoo-haa? Especially right now whilst the review queue is so short. Perfect timing really. I get that it might take a while longer to change the ones already up, but Jees, really Envato? An email to all reviewers: “Hi guys, can you soft-reject all items that have duplicate name titles, thanks” Took me 30 seconds to type…


I reckon you (would) love the film Life is Beautiful :slight_smile:

You must live in a happy place as well.

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Sometimes this place makes me feel like I am the son of Roberto Benigni in that film! :smiley:

I don’t know, maybe the reviewers are waiting for a policy update before they take action. Then again, why can Envato reach out already to authors without this policy change in place?

I am certain a policy change won’t fix this problem, maybe unless very serious actions are actually taken against authors who do this.

As an example for how much policies and fair play is worth at this market:
Seeing the same 2 authors who I (and many others) have reported for self purchasing and stealing compositions, participate in this weeks sales campaign 3 times in a row… I am just speechless really.

And that’s one of the reasons why I have a very low belief that a policy change like this would have any effect/or be given enough resources to be dealt with so that things can be under control. The solution is obviously to address the search engine IMHO.

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Maybe an alternative solution could be to remove trusted update mode for authors who does this, so there is no option to rename tracks without going through a reviewer. The downside with this is that it would increase the workload of the reviewers a lot. Just going through all the gazillion tracks that now have duplicate titles is a very big project in itself + all resources through support when authors have to report other authors.

I don’t think there even needs to be a policy change. The policy already says to avoid lists of keywords in titles, and Envato usually just do what they wish without any prior warning anyway like they did when they axed credits. I’m sure once authors start getting soft-rejects right, left and centre, they will stop pretty quickly and eventually, everyone will get the message.

I thought all title changes had to go through review already? Is that not the case?

No, it does depend on how many authors actually have trusted update (meaning you can update your items name/mp3/zip file without a reviewer anytime).

Most duplicate tracks are done by renaming tracks (with trusted update) as far as my impression goes.

Oh I see! :bulb: haha Crikey what a noob! So you’re saying that the “trusted” authors will be able to upload with a legal name, then change it after… Man! Envato have so many caveats and silly loopholes. I guess I’m lucky that most of the music tracks I make for stock are already named for me, or perhaps I sould try re-naming my latest track “Liszt Liebestraum No 3 was Liszt Liebestraum No 3”!

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As one who dabbles a little in the Title Is Title game, I’d just like to say that it would be far preferable if Envato would prohibit it. But as long as it is an effective method of pushing a track toward the top of search results, there’s absolutely no reason NOT to do it, if it works. (And it does not, by the way, work on every keyword.)

As long as the rules are absurd, might as well play by the rules.


From a business perspective of course it makes sense to give your products visibility. Authors will conform to how the search engine works no matter how awkward it is.

So yeah, the system needs to change in some way or another, giving the players instructions to behave will not work.

I don’t know guys, any junior programmer could add a very simple rule to the SE to soft reject items with repeated words and block the ones who already have them in literally less than 10 mins. Imagine naming a track “P#nd5”, I’m sure we would have the full weight of the law upon us in the blink of an eye.

If this is not happening is either because they just don’t care anymore about what happens this side of the wall, or, and excuse my paranoia, becuase a total chaos scenario on the markets might be positive to Elements. The banner refreshed 4 times a week, the $5 fever, self purchasing items allowed, the naming cheats, 1 day reviews…

Anyway, hope they’re really adressing all the SEO mess and that we see some changes anytime soon.


Can you explain what you mean by using the same template?

I noticed some authors have a DAW template with the same instruments and they use that to do a million tracks with different arrangement- melodies and so on, but using the same instruments almost 100% . I noticed they don’t even change the main instruments (like piano)… But I don’t blame them! They are doing this for money and only, and good for them! But not good for their portfolio…so good for sales not good for image

the “Hip-hop is Hip-hop” thing that I forgot to mention, is a tactic that some authors change their item names by doubling the title, and that makes the track show up in top places in search…