I didn't submit a Slideshow!


Just had a hard reject on a corporate promo (text-based) as it doesn’t compete as a Slideshow!

_"We receive a lot of Slideshow themed animations, therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects.Because there is so much competition and saturation in the Slideshow category, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional quality in both design and execution."

Am I losing it? I didn’t create a slideshow. Perhaps I should re-submit with no images at all?


Looks like the project functions just like any other simple slideshow on the market. It’s not the design, the name or the category you placed it in. Its the basic execution.


The project “functions” as a text-based corporate promo – and should have been reviewed as such.

If the execution was too basic I’d have appreciated a review which noted this, in relation to peer projects, rather than any comparison to the recent influx of image slideshows.

The category a project falls under should still be an important consideration when creating these sequences, and technical wizardry (or the assumed lack of) should not be a factor in assessing whether the project is fit for purpose.

The content of this project is more concerned with promoting a business/product than displaying a selection of arbitrary images in an interesting way.

Our goal was to provide a clean, informative template based on (web) parallax movement to appeal to website owners wishing to complement their own web presence with video.

The basic execution, as you kindly phased it, is a carefully observed reflection of current, and popular (parallax) themed web dynamics, considerately fine-tuned, omitting extraneous and unrealistic movement, to successfully integrate itself within a site of that nature.

We did not set out to compete with the latest trend of outstanding image transitions. That was not the purpose of this project. And a long time was spent getting this project right, hence this post.


A heads up, if you’re in our situation and you’d like a second opinion on a review – official Support is near useless.

You’ll get the same mechanized response from Support, directing you to this forum – which is devoid of any relevant conversation.

C’est la vie.