I didn't receive rejected long time ago -- Why now ??

Hello guys,

Actually, I’m a little bit confused about these 2 rejected I got lately, I didn’t receive rejected long long time ago and now don’t know what happens, is the problem with me that the quality of my items has down recently, I’m trying to find out why but I can’t understand why I would love to hear the opinion from the reviewer itself who reviewed these 2 templates.

I’m completely aware to not upload any template unless feeling that the template is in good quality to be sold on Videohive, I spent 2 weeks working on these 2 templates, I’m really sad about the waste of time :disappointed_relieved:

Here is the first template, in this template, I worked hard to make electric outlines without using plugins, no need for saber plugin and no need to make a mask outline, just drop your logo and hit render.

Here is the template preview:

The second template here:

Sorry to tag you @MotionRevolver, but I really would appreciate your opinion about these 2 templates, this will help me a lot.

Many thanks,

What do you think guys, it really confusing to me :sweat_smile:

I’d buy it :sunglasses:

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I saw hundreds of exactly the same projects. In this project there is neither a new idea nor a trend design. To be honest, among similar projects on Videohive you can find better projects than yours. Try to bring something new and original to your project. Electric outlines and reflection on the wet floor is now difficult to surprise anyone. This style is used by VH author at least half a year. And the market is swamped with similar projects.
The second huge problem is fonts. All your fonts are outdated and don’t look good enough. Explore the market, see which fonts are used by top authors to understand what fonts are in trend today.
Good luck! :wink:


I really appreciate your opinion, I’m really aware that there are several similar templates with electric outlines, but most of them using saber plugin, that the purpose from the template is to make it easy for the buyers without using plugins

I always strive to make my templates unique, if you look closely to my items, you will see that most of my templates are unique, but I saw lately the outline eclectic is always trend items, that’s what it came in my mind to make something similar without the plugin.

regarding the font, I keep that to buyers, that they can change the font any time.

Do you think the second template is rejected because of the font or outdated idea?

thanks :slight_smile:

Let’s say that the fonts are a problem and don’t look good with the template, is this will case hard rejected why not to have soft rejected with telling me that the font is not good enough please change the font.

I don’t think the font is a big problem if I have made a slideshow or video display then it might a problem but this is a logo sting with a little slogan text under the logo.

It’s great that your project does not require any plug-ins. But the most important aspect when reviewing an item by a reviewer is a visual component.
And it’s great that client can change the font, but… the same… Visual component is very important. Presentation must be on the hight level, and must looks attractive.
I don’t think your project was rejected ONLY because of the fonts. I’m just saying that fonts are one of the problems.
The second project looks better than the first, but it has all the same mistakes.

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Thanks romlam, appreciate your reply

Sorry for asking too much, just I’m trying to understand what is the problem to avoid it in the next project.
What are the mistakes you see in the second template, could you please specify it with points?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As I said, second project is more attractive, but it doesn’t bring sth new to the market. There are many of similar project on VH. And I’d change the font

This is what happened when the minds have closed his windows :smiley: It might I need to let away from the computer for several days to refresh my mind :sleeping:

Thanks, @romlam :slight_smile:

Yeah! Sometime it’s very good to clean brain cache. After cleaning you can look at things with a fresh look :slight_smile:

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Hi mate!
I think you can do better than these two works rejected. These works of yours are just a sample that you really can do better:

Good Luck! Your works are great!


Yes, I can do better, but the big mistake that I did I followed the trending items and I have tried to do the same with a little bit twist, usually don’t do that, when I start working on a new template, I research the whole market and see if someone has the same idea that I thought about, if I found 40% of the same idea, I will work on a new idea

The next template will be very unique. Thanks @GoForMotion :slight_smile:

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You´re welcome :+1:

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I’ve spent 3 months working on a single project and then I get hard-rejected. You spent only 2 weeks for 2 projects. I hope this eases your frustration a bit.

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hi buddy have u ever heard about raising standards? lol these days this is always easier to get an item rejected indeed

Yes, I know about the quality standards, actually i’m with raising the quality, this is what makes Envato the leading online marketplace for digital goods :+1:

hi buddy,
To me its always to better not to follow trend some one created. you should create a new trend with your items.

and also try to make what’s not there in the library.

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Yes, agree with you, It was just a try :smile:

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Btw, Lovely portfolio you have. Awesome work.

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