I didn't get email notification when item update

Hello. I get email notification from envato whenever there is a new version for item i’ve bought, except this one item [attachment]. How come i didn’t receive email when they updated their apps ? i purchased at 30 mei 2023, and they just updated it at 05 Jun 2023.

Hi @heruprambadi,

go to your account settings >> Email settings
and make sure there checked “Item update notifications” checkbox.

In your Downloads page each purchased item has “Get notified by email if this item is updated” checkbox (by default checked), this options will send you notification when any update version will release

Also you can contact purchased item author and let them know that they are not receiving update notification email. Because when author checked the box ‘‘Send a notification to buyers when this update is approved’’ at the time of update submission and any update version will release then customer will receive update notification email.