I did nothing and the status changed.

Hello. I got an email from the team stating that I need to fix bugs in my script. I clicked the edit button and did nothing and the situation changed. As the last update. Previously it was saying soft rejected. We were just on that page and the situation changed. Now it says “Recently Updated” there.

Hi @CryptoGamePlace,

I can’t see any Portfolio in your account! I am surprised where you see your item “Recently Updated” where you don’t have any approved item.


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You need to change bugs and upload main file again and select it and finally resubmit for review, Also don’t forget to mention for reviewer what changes you did in your main file. Unless you don’t upload a new main file resbmission don’t work.


Ekran görüntüsü 2023-02-15 113341

Thank you very much for your reply. So I haven’t done any update yet, right? Because I don’t know what the check icon there means. Once the page was refreshed and there it said “Recently Updated”.

Please let me understand, can you give me the following answer:
Your Item didn’t approve till now, right? and you have already resubmitted the item for soft rejection at least one time, right?

No, it was not accepted. I sent her application only once and it was soft rejected. I did nothing after that. We are currently preparing updates as requested by the team.


I think it is a bug and it is showing by default when a new upload done (add/edit). Actually when a item edit/update publish/approve the item by default receive “Recently Updated” status.

So, ignore the “Recently Updated” and just fix all the issues mentioned by the reviewer and resubmit.


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