I Did a Test | Business card section is that impossible as it seams

I did a test…

After I responded on many rejection topics here I decided to try to upload my first business card design on GR Marketplace. And guess what… my work was approved strait away without any questions. So uploading in this category is not a problem you just need a unique idea / concept.I encourage every author to think outside the box and try to create something new. Next I will try the most disputed logo section.

This is my business card.

The presentation is not my best one. I intended to change it.


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u are right but try to imagine if all guys do this style now lol in a short while this will not make it anymore lol but u definitely had a good and trendy idea :slight_smile:

Let them do the same idea :slight_smile:

LOL the first ones may manage the rest will quickly have trouble lol

Great text, I like it.

teh concept is even greater indeed