I developed best e-commerce React, next, Node, Express, Tailwind, Ant but Hard rejected

hi, i developed system full role based and is have top javascript technologies

backend: node.js , express.js
frontend: Next.js, react.js
UI: ant design, Tailwindcss
db: Mongodb

why Hard rejected.

this is web site: https://nextly.shop

admin: https://admin.nextly.shop/
admin user: admin@nextly.shop
admin password: 123123

please give me feedback, this is system better from php.

dear @mgscoder , @AMCoders can you please visit my demo site here and give a feedback?

I edited your preview link. It was 503-ing. :blush:

@Enabled Thank you :slight_smile:

do you have idea to hard rejected, why :frowning:

maybe there is some bugs

I have synced the brand for an item but its not appear in the filter

@AMCoders Thank you for return but you did not selected visible. this is product not visible.

i change visible is working

I’m going crazy right now. envato don’t understand my project. this is the best technologies.

:frowning: please feedback

noting answer :frowning:

With respect, this needs a lot amount of work in terms of execution and delivery and feels quite unfinished in places. Just some examples -

  • You cannot use trademark logos

  • The general typography and hierarchy needs significant improvement esp product previews

  • Attention to detail e.g. prices obscured by buttons on new products and several images cropped e.g new chair 2 in the main set

  • The product detail pages are almost empty and have no detail, sizes/options etc.

  • Product image previews and details pages are all sorts of different and inconsistent sizes.

  • Lots of empty about and more general info pages just feels unfinished and rushed