I created group on Soundcloud for royalty free dubstep, chillstep. Join it please!


Hello! I created group on Soundcloud for those who compose royalty free dubstep, chillstep, atmospheric dubstep. Please join it if you produce music in such genre, i believe extra exposure will be useful for all of us. This group is pre moderated. The rules are simple: uploaded track should be dubstep or variation of dubstep, buy link should be provided. This is the link to this group https://soundcloud.com/groups/dubstep-atmospheric-dubstep-chillstep-for-media-projects



Great Idea. I will jump in on this :slight_smile:

Thanks Keith


I’m in! Thanks for creating it :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for contributing your music and joining this group.


Joined! Thank for creating this group. Working on a dub step track now


Joined and submitted a track!