I can't use the demo Importer on SPEAKER and LIFE COACH


I bought the Speaker and Life coach theme last year. I can’t use the demo importer no more, please let me know why. I’m using it on this site : christianosoglo.com

Hi @MonsieurChris

Since you mentioned Last year, perhaps you are using the outdated version of Coaching so it might not work properly on the latest version of WordPress. Please update your theme and try again.

Also, I forwarded your message to our supporters and they ask if you could create a support ticket on our VIP support forum for Coaching https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/coaching so they can discuss directly with you and try to help you out.

You can check this note on how to create a support account and create a topic: https://thimpress.com/knowledge-base/create-account-submit-support-ticket/