I cant upload videos in ftp

Enavato account didnot send me password in my email although i wrote my username 10 times in username box

Pls helpme i upload many footages

Hi. You have to go to your settings account menu and search for API Key option. There you will find your personal password (is the API Key). Copy and paste it in your FTP client password box.

Nothing happened
I copied API key from setting and paste in filezilla password but still now but filezilla said the password is not coorrect
I donot know why they didnot send passwor to my email still now !! Fix this problem please

I use Filezilla too. Have you made all the settings needed to access and upload? Post a screenshot with the error. You should have username@ftp.marketplace.envato.com and then paste api key inside password box, and type port 21.
Here is the step by step process:

Iam sorry but i still donot understand exactlley what should i do ? Should i have envato email or what ?

It´s all explained very detailed here. Follow every step of this link. You shouldn´t have problems