I cant upload the theam to my word press i get error code

Processing…Error: Unable to load current/3ux2xhqfzkmc0ok48gososcow' on behalf of 'madu87'. Cannot find install by the ID3ux2xhqfzkmc0ok48gososcow’. Looked at these locations: - /home/madu87/.appdata/current/3ux2xhqfzkmc0ok48gososcow

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3072 bytes) in /home/madu87/public_html/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php on line 112

You can search google to find some suggestions but if you’d like a quick solution, you can purchase one of my services :



you need to increase your memory_limit. Make it 128M. Your theme will work :slight_smile: