I can't update Wordpress automatically :-(

Hi, I just purchased a theme and wanted to apply it on my existing wordpress website but it always fail on the importing demo data part.

According to the theme support, I need to configure the PHP memory limit and so I did. Still failed. He then checked my wp dashboard and my FTP and thought that I might need to update my Wordpress first.

I am now running Wordpress 4.1.9. I tried clicking the link in my dashboard home to update it automatically but it just redirect me to the Wordpress codex page and to a page with download links. But I don’t want to update it manually for I’ve been to a lot of mess this past 2 weeks of trying to install the new theme. Please can anyone tell me how can I update the wordpress automatically? And by the way, I don’t have Wordpress installed in my PC, my previous web developer who built the website told me it is not necessary.

Thanks in advance.

You could follow:

  • Backup all code and database
  • Try to update automatically
  • Or try to download latest WP version and upload via FTP

Hi leafcolor! Thanks for replying… Yes I already did the backup last night. It’s just I can’t update the wordpress version automatically. I did the manual update very carefully but just disgusted on the uploading of file because I am allowed to upload files one at a time! There are at least 1,000 files to upload. Thanks to some blogs I discovered the FireFTP addons on Firefox and it transfer the files in no time. whew… I hope I can install the theme now.