I can't understand. What's wrong with this track?

This track has been rejected. Do you have any idea?


Hi Audiovisual_Media. After a quick listen here are few observations:

  • Great upbeat theme.
  • Good arrangement with variations etc.
  • The mix is flat and could use some punch and balance
  • the vocal HEY doesn’t fit the light theme - too macho if that makes sense
  • the cymbal rolls are too loud and harsh
  • There are parts that make it very busy - like the celeste/tiny bells. They have delay echoes that really start cluttering up the track - try simplifying some of those parts
  • The acoustic guitar strums don’t sound very real
  • The claps are too electronic and don’t fit this genre - acoustic sounds are a better fit. Try human hand claps.

Hope it helps!


Maybe the “Hey” is the reason. But also I want to add , that this feels like its level 6 instead of 10, it needs some more details , its kind of very raw. If that helps. It could use more interesting parts and transitions

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+1 MidnightSnap

Thanks for all comments. I’ll try again.

Thanks Pandocrator. What does “level 6” mean?

Also there is “hey” sound in this track. But it’s on sale. https://audiojungle.net/item/upbeat-happiness/23095829

Just want to clarify what I meant about the HEY. Your track’s vocal has a rough, gritty, and heavy sound that would fit better in Hip Hop or Soul. The example you gave with the link sounds better for “happy, upbeat, ukulele” type tracks because it is light and sounds more like young people singing.

I’m suggesting a lighter, “young people” type HEY would fit better in an upbeat, happy track such as yours.

Thanks MidnightSnap. I think you are right.