I can't understand what is the problem with this submission? This 100% original, my own creation. Please anyone help me!

The idea it’s OK-ish but this looks like a clipart and done in hurry. Typo is not related with the graphic.

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hi for me the main problem is as regard to the disconnection of elements … the illustration and the texts are failing to imbricate so that it looks like a whole , this is mainly due to the positioning of elements but as well due to rather differing style of the typo. As for me, i tend to believe that choosing a typo “les ss rigid” would help u to stick more to the theme nd to bring additional originality to the table. Otherwise , it seems to me that the text part is proportional a bit too big compared with the illustration one at this stage and that what u have here is ore likely to make people focus on the name rather than on the symbol part … and it seems to me that for branding reason this is rather a mistake indeed, since this is easier to remember a symbol than a name indeed … finally the combination of colors is not super attractive … think about complementary colors instead …

imbricate ??? Are we talking roofing here? lol